Online Blackjack Strategy

Blackjack is one of the most popular games played in online casinos. Easy to learn but hard to master, so it is suited for anyone from beginner to expert players who are looking for the best way to win money. And blackjack is the perfect game to play if you want to win money cause with good strategy, you will almost nullify all the advantage that the casino has. Of course, for that, you will need to play in an online casino that offers a blackjack variant that doesn't have a very big house advantage over players and is known to pay out the winning of the players, so your money doesn't get stuck in the casino. An example of pristine record and fast withdrawal is Mr.Green casino, for which you can read more at

Going Bust:

The term 'going bust' in online blackjack strategy is used for a player/dealer once they reach a full blackjack hand value more than twenty one points. Players are known to lose hand instantly once they 'go bust'. This will also make them lose the bet to the house. In case, it is the dealer who goes bust, the hand will be won by the player. Under the situation where both player and dealer go bust, the house can take the bet placed by the player.

Bust Percentage of Dealer:

This is the probable percentage displaying how frequently a dealer can 'go bust' while displaying certain cards. The players have access to know the face-up card of dealer. However, this does not stop them from making a well-informed choice regarding how to continue with betting via having a look at the card of the dealer. They can also have a look at the 2 cards they possess in their own hand of blackjack.

Basic Online Blackjack strategy and its impact on Bust Percentage of Dealer:

The standard online blackjack strategy is based on the principles of arithmetic. Players can follow these simple principles minimize house edge of casino online. Combining standard online blackjack strategy with crucial data associated to bust percentage of dealer collected and having a look at one's own cards is quite helpful. This will help players get clear idea about when exactly to stand, hit, or double down. It works towards facilitating players to minimize house edge of casino more. This online blackjack strategy will also increase their chances to win.

Common Card Values Dealer Bust:

5, 6 and 4 are known to be the most common bust card values of a dealer. It is really bad for a dealer to hold one of these cards. The player can easily double down in this situation in case he possesses a good hand.

Slightest Dealer Bust Card Values Chance:

This is when the dealer holds 9, 10 and an Ace.

Bust Percentages Blackjack Dealer:

The bust percentages of a dealer are time based (period during which the house will go bust). The number of times a player goes bust will not be taken into consideration.

Using information about bust percentage correctly and blending it with standard online blackjack strategy will facilitate you make decisions.